We provide you with the option of receiving your order either through SPEEDEX at your place, or upon receipt by you at our physical store at Kranidi 213 00.

Once the order processing is completed, an informative email will be sent to you with the order information and number Transport voucher.

Orders within Greece are sent with the company SPEEDEX SA TACHYMETAFORON.

Shipping within Greece

For Attica:

Shipping is done within 1-2 working days from the day of the order.

* In festive and peak periods the shipment is made within 1-4 days.

For the rest of Greece:

Shipping days range from 2-4 working days from the day of processing your order. * For inaccessible or infrequent delivery destinations, the delivery policy of SPEEDEX in your area applies.

Shipping costs within Greece

For all purchases from 50 euros and over and weight / volume up to 6 kg * shipping is free.

For purchases under 50 euros and up to 6 kilos * the transport costs of the order are 3.50 euros (VAT included 24%)

Each additional kilo over 6 is charged with costs 1.00 euros per kilo *.

* The charge for each shipment depends on the combination of size and weight (International Air Transport Organization (IATA) volumetric system). If the volumetric weight of the shipment is greater than the real one (cases of light parcels with large volume), then the charge is made based on the volumetric weight and is calculated by multiplying the three dimensions of the parcel (Length x Width x Height) and dividing by 5,000.

COD COST: 2.50 euros (including VAT 24%)